Our Services

We offer greenery solution since 1988

Landscape / Garden Design & Build

Our design & construction team is equipped with all-round expertise and experience in executing landscaping projects, particularly well-versed in western design

Landscape / Garden Maintenance

To provide the clients with an ever-green, neat and comfortable garden retreat has always been our highest priority. Our maintenance service is in a league of its own to the highest industry standards and critically acclaimed by clients with whom we have maintained a partnership for more than 25 years.

Interior Landscaping

Interior landscaping ranges from small potted plants in office to large scale oasis in hotel atriums. Regardless of the scale, interior landscaping definitely gives your company or your home a perfect makeover

Plant Rental Service

We offer more than 40 species of indoor plants tended with utmost care and the highest standards.

Green Wall

Living green wall is one of the hottest landscaping solutions in Hong Kong in recent years. It is widely used exteriorly in hotels, commercial buildings, retail stores, residencies and interiorly in shopping malls and office areas.

Artificial Landscaping

If you are looking for harass-free and maintenance-free landscape solutions, artificial landscaping will be your best choice.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning services are the cornerstone to any successful tree care program. It is critical to sustaining your tree’s health, stimulating growth and retaining its natural appearance.