Landscape Maintenance & Garden Maintenance


Lives are fragile and plants are no exception as they are as well vulnerable to climate, seasons or simply bad gardening. Badly kept garden becomes out of shape, and is more often than not filled with withered foliage, undesirable overgrowth, natural decay or even infested with pests.

To provide the clients with an ever-green, neat and comfortable garden retreat has always been our highest priority. Our maintenance service is in a league of its own to the highest industry standards and critically acclaimed by clients with whom we have maintained a partnership for more than 25 years. Armed with deep knowledge about horticultural techniques and technologies, our front-line staff is always equipped with the latest gears and devices to keep our services efficient and competitive. We are also known for our prompt response to enquires and follow-up work so as to formulate the best solutions in the quickest manner possible.

General maintenance covers 

Pest control
Plant replacement

We provide as well 

Supply of seasonal flowers
Tree risk assessment
Tree pruning

Guaranteed maintenance 

Our mobile team pays regular site visits to perform evaluation and carry out maintenance in line with the professional standard below:

Standard for good condition (for each individual plant)

Foliage -> Healthy blade colour (proportion of dried leaves/ blistered leaves/ sunken leaves or fallen leaves not exceeding 3%)

Branches and stalks -> Proportion of wilted / dead branches and stalks not exceeding 5%

Pest Control -> Proportion of infested leaves not exceeding 3%

Flower bed -> Entirely free of litter, waste and 90% of dead foliage